Man Steals From Store 3 Times In One Day And Applies For A Job Hours Later

USA: A man that applied for a job at a store in Wyoming stole from that same shop twice on that same day, which led the authorities to arrest him.

An unidentified 36-year-old man reportedly visited the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Gillette on Friday and bought some items with a rewards card, however, he did not pay for ammunition and sunglasses when he was there.

The police were notified of the theft that happened at the store.

3 hours later, the police were called again at the location because the robber was back, this time it was not because he wanted to rob again, instead, he was there to apply for a job.

The man left the store after this encounter again with 2 more pairs of sunglasses despite applying for the job.

Imagine the store 3 times on the same day, nice move man, all the robbers should be learning from you.

The job application status of the man was not clear.

The items that he stole from the shop were recovered by the police.

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