Pervert Caught Having Sex With 2 Horses But Could Not Be Charged Because It Is Not Illegal

A sick pervert from the state of Wyoming, USA, admitted that he had sex with 2 horses, however, he could not be charged because it is not illegal.

Pretty weird right?

In the state of Wyoming, there is no law that says you are forbidden to have sexual intercourse with such an animal.

The man, who was not named, was caught on camera committing the horrible act.

But even with strong evidence, the police are struggling to do anything about it.

Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jason Mower released a statement about the incident:

While shocking, this is actually a very difficult case. Wyoming is one of only a handful of states across the country without a bestiality statute on the books. Also, to satisfy the elements of an animal cruelty charge, it is our understanding that we would need to prove that the suspect’s actions in this case actually harmed the animals.

Not only the CCTV, an eyewitness saw the man having sex with a horse in June.

After the entire ordeal was caught on cam, the locals handed over the video to the authorities so an investigation could be launched.

Local authorities believe that the man sexually assaulted other horses too.

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