Shaman Inserted Egg In Woman’s Vagina, Raped Her While Husband Was In Other Room, And Burned Own Face

A shaman from Indonesia reportedly inserted a chicken egg into a woman’s vagina to cure her acid reflux problem before he raped her.

The entire ordeal happened while the husband of the victim was in the other room.

The shaman, who has been identified as 40-year-old ARF, did all of that just to cure the acid reflux problem of the woman.

It is believed that the man burned down his own face with boiling water to trick the police.

The assaulted the woman at a hotel in the regency of Situbondo, which is located in the Indonesian province of East Java.

The shaman reportedly told the 30-year-old victim that his treatment would help with her acid reflux problems.

The method of the shaman involved inserting and removing a chicken egg into the vagina of the woman before he would order her to get naked.

The shaman then raped the young woman while her husband waited in the next room.

After the treatment, the 30-year-old victim filed a report with the police.

A team of police officers arrested the man on August 6, 2020, after he went on the run.

The East Java Police said that the man was constantly moving around the province.

According to reports, the man mutilated his own face so the police would not recognize him.

The man slammed his face into a wall, scarred it with sharp objects, and burned it with hot water.

He had to be rushed to a hospital to get his injuries treated before he could be brought in by the police.

The man is currently being detained by the itubondo Police on charges of sexual assault under Indonesia’s criminal code (KUHP).

He is facing 12 years in prison right now.

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