Vacationing British Family Finds Migrants Hidden Inside Rooftop Cargo Box

A vacationing family from Britain was shocked after they found 2 young migrants hiding inside a storage box, which was located at the top of their vehicle.

A video of the confrontation was shared on social media.

In the 2 minute video that was shared on social media, the British family could be seen at a car park of a gas station in Normandy, France, when they found the migrants.

The migrants then hopped off the storage box.

A man could be head saying:

What the f–k are you doing, you f–king t–t?! You’ve could’ve broken this, you c–t. F–king get out of my sight. Where’s all our stuff?!

The migrants had thrown away their stuff after they got inside the storage box.

The men then walked away as the family demanded them to empty their pockets.

It is believed that they arrived in France with their 2 children when they got to know about the migrant teens.

The family, who were not identified, later told the police that they stayed in Calais, France, the night before.

It is believed that the teens got into the car when the family was staying in Calais.

The migrants were later brought into custody by the police.

However, the 2 migrants were released by the police after prosecutors in Dieppe issued a care order.

The social services also refused to take them.

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