West Virginia: Father Marries Daughter After They Killed Her Boyfriend

USA: A father from West Virginia confessed to killing his daughter’s boyfriend while also maintaining an incestuous relationship with her.

According to reports, the daughter of the man has been charged for murdering her boyfriend.

The police said that 55-year-old Larry Paul McClure Sr. is charged with first-degree murder for the death of 38-year-old John Thomas McGuire.

McGuire is from Minnesota.

31-year-old Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure and 32-year-old Anna Marie Choudhary, who are the daughters of Paul Sr. are also facing first-degree murder charges.

Amanda was the girlfriend of John.

On September 24, 2019, the body of John was discovered in a grave at a residence after disclosure by McClure to authorities.

McClure, who is a registered sex offender, told the police where to find John after he was arrested.

He later confessed the crime and provided specifics of how he committed it. He also told that his 2 daughters played a role in the death of John.

McClure is willing to plead guilty to the crime.

McClure said his daughter Amanda McClure was the one that wanted to commit the murder.

However, he does not know the motive for the homicide.

Larry McClure wrote:

I cannot tell you why Amanda wanted John McGuire dead. I am asking for this to be over and not waisting [sic} the taxpayers money and hurting the family members on both sides of this. John McGuire’s family and my family. All I can do is hope for mercy on this, but my sentence on this really does not matter because I am old and in bad health. I will never live to see the parole board in (15) years anyway and that is OK…I will say I am sorry for my part in this crime to both my family and John McGuire’s family.

It is also said that the father and daughter had a sexual relationship.

3 weeks after the murder, Larry and Amanda traveled across the state line to neighboring Tazewell County, Virginia, where they married.

The 2 got married on March 11, 2020.

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