Woman Forced To Perform Sex Act On A Black Dog For Drugs As Men Watched And Laughed

A 41-year-old woman claims she was forced to perform a sex act on a dog in exchange for drugs as 2 men watched and laughed.

41-year-old Sarah Joanne Meredith was filmed sexually abusing the black dog as 2 men pinned the animal down.

Philip Thomas, 60, of Beckwith Street, Birkenhead, is the man that did the horrible act.

According to reports, the men told the woman that she should keep going.

Describing the video, Ayra Ali, prosecuting, told Wirral Magistrates Court in Merseyside that a black dog was held by an adult male with the dog’s back against his stomach.

The dog kicked out as another male held its front legs.

Ali said that Meredith was then forced to perform a sex act on the dog.

She added:

The defendant stated she was forced to do this, however, the footage shows otherwise.

Sinead Fearon, defending, said:

The defendant is described as a vulnerable female, that’s clearly what she is. She was promised she would get drugs if she did what the males said.

Meredith, who has no fixed address, suffers from drug misuse and relapsed after the incident.

The horrible incident is currently being investigated by the authorities.

Sinead Fearon, defending, added:

The males haven’t faced any prosecution in relation to proceedings. The male recording it is subject to criminal proceedings but not the males described in the footage who were holding the dog and making directions. This experienced bench will have dealt with cases where people explain how desperate they were to fix their habit. I don’t think you will come across a case where someone has reached such low and such desperate measures.

The court said that the embarrassment will stay with the victim with her not just for today but for a considerable amount of time.

The victim said that she is currently on the rehab list in Macclesfield.

Meredith has been released on unconditional bail.

She will return to court on September 21, 2020.

The man that filmed the lewd act has been charged with having possession of extreme pornography.

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