Woman Sues Boyfriend For Wasting Her Time And Not Proposing Marriage After 8 Years Of Dating

A woman from Zambia has sued her boyfriend of 8 years for wasting her time and for not proposing marriage despite their long history of love.

I mean, not her fault.

The couple that we are talking about has been identified as Gertrude Ngoma and Herbert Salaliki.

Gertrude and Herbert have been dating for the last 8 years, but nothing has been confirmed on their marital status.

The man promised marriage, but never officially asked it.

Recently, the woman got fed up with the promises, so she decided to take the things to court and sue the man that she loves.

Gertrude, who is 26 years old, told a court in Zambia that she feels that her partner is not serious about the relationship that they have.

The woman said that the man is never serious.

She added:

He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future.

The couple also has a child.

According to reports, the boyfriend has dowry payment for the wedding, but he still has no money for the wedding itself.

The 2 people are not married, so the judge could not do anything about it.

The judge reportedly told the couple to talk about the situation and handle things in a personal matter.

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