Yoga Instructor Claims to have Improved Her Health after not having Drop Of Water For A Year

To survive without drinking water for genuine is incredible, and we’d all expect this would be the last advice any Yoga educator or nutritionist would give.

Turns out, it’s a yoga teacher herself who rehearsed this outrageous type of fasting and claims that it helped resolve her medical problems.

35-year-old Sophie Partik, a yoga educator who lives in Bali, says that she began dry fasting a year back.

She asserts that the no-water diet has helped fix various conditions she had, including puffy eyes, aching joints, food hypersensitivities, and skin and stomach related problems.

Sophie claims that all the supplements she needs she can get from natural products, vegetables, coconut water, and juice. She stated: “I had extreme swelling all over my face and joints, just as puffiness – I was so swollen, I looked unhealthy.”

Yoga Instructor Claims to have Improved Her Health after not having Drop Of Water For A Year

“The doctors were letting me know there is nothing improper with me, and in the event that I’d prefer to get freed of the puffy eyes, I had to experience a medical procedure. A companion who had attempted dry fasting proposed it, and I thought I’d check it out.”

Sophie claims that filtered water or faucet water ‘makes your kidneys exhaust’ and ’causes you to feel bloated’ as opposed to hydrating you.

“You needn’t bother with water to remain hydrated; it just causes you to feel bloated.

At the point when you start dry fasting, you will soon understand that your body needn’t want water.” The 35-year-old nourishment mentor says that she dry fasts for up to 14 hours every day, and when she has fluids, the sum total of what she has is ‘living water’ – this is any fluid that is gotten from fresh food.

The most extreme number of hours Sophie has abandoned drinking anything has been 52. However, her ‘fantasy’ is ‘to have the option to do it for ten days,’ as reported by Mail Online.

While this extreme type of counting calories worked for Sophie, it’s not prudent for everybody. For the individuals who need to give it a shot, Sophie urges them to be on severe food and vegetable diet just for a couple of months.

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