Anamika Majumdar Became The First Crorepati Of This Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Season, But Lost Rs 7 Crore At The Show

Saicharan Palakurthi

Well known as one of the Country’s much acclaimed and loved shows, Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by Bollywood’s Big B Amitabh Bachchan is all set to impress audience this year too. This is the 9th season of the show that is hosted by him. More than half of the people are all ears just for the Big B’s voice that will ripple the nerves of the contestants and the crowd altogether.

amitabh bachchan best in KBC

Well, this season of KBC has already found its Crorepati and it is Anamika Majumdar, a social worker from Jharkhand. Despite being smart and attentive, she impressed ‘Big B’ and audience with her wit and humor. With appealingly bold voice and intending intriguing way of conversing with the contestants Amitabh Bachchan’s presence is definitely an add-on to the episode viewers, and none has to be said about TRPs.

From the very beginning, it is the stories of the contestants, the questions, their deeds and the involvement of audiences in the show are all that makes it awesome. It has always been a great show ever since its first season was launched and time has surely flown as viewers didn’t even realize when KBC completed eight seasons.

kaun banega crorepati 2017 season 9 winner crorepati

Now, after a while, something seldom has happened at the show, this lady, the first crorepati fo the season has turned down Rs 7 crore question to head forward towards Rs 1 crore.

She deliberately turned down the ‘Jio Jackpot question’ just to move forward and stay on safe side. Well, for all good, as per the conditions of facing the question, what she did was right.

By the time she reached the Rs 1 crore question, she did not have a single lifeline left and only her sound reasoning to depend on. This is what she was asked at the verge (Rs 1 crore question),

anamika majumdar rs 1 crore question at KBC

“Which of these artists was principally entrusted with the task of ‘illuminating’ the original document of the Constitution of India?”

A: Ram Kinker Baij
B: Benode Behari Mukherjee
C: Abanindranath Tagore
D: Nandlal Bose

Breaking down the details of the question, she listed out the possibilities of the people in options being connected to Shantiniketan, ended up choosing option D, ‘Nandlal Bose’.

And yes! That’s Correct!!!

Meanwhile, it was during the final, the 16th question, that changed the course of the game, she was reminded several times by host Bachchan that she should answer the question only if she is certain and not make a guess. If she got the answer wrong, her winning amount would have been Rs 3.2 lakh, she would have ended everything there.

Coming to the ‘The Jio jackpot question’, worth a whopping Rs 7 crore, it read:

anamika majumdar jio jackpot question at KBC

“Which of the following is not a pair of parent and child, who have both won Nobel Prizes?”

A: Marie Curie, Irene Joliot Curie
B: JJ Thomson, George Paget Thomson
C: Niels Bohr, Aage Bohr
D: Herman Emil Fischer, Hans Fischer

While Anamika is seriously taking guesses, Bachchan posed her two questions: What was the importance of Rs 1 crore in her life and what would it mean to her if she lost Rs 1 crore. This helped her get her perspective straight and she decided to quit the show. Next to that as per Bachchan asked her to choose an option none the less to show the audience the right answer.

anamika majumdar jio jackpot question at KBC answer

She chose C: Niels Bohr, Aage Bohr but the right answer was D: Herman Emil Fischer, Hans Fischer, and if she hadn’t turned down the Jackpot question, we would not have had a crorepati.

Post the show, when asked about what she plans to do with such massive amount, she said, “I want to spend this money to help people. Although I am tempted to go back home and use it immediately, I want to come up with the best way to utilize such a big amount.”

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