5 Unknown Historical Things About Padmavati’s Alauddin Khilji That’ll Immediately Change The Way You Look At Him

Saicharan Palakurthi

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming directorial ‘Padmavati’ is so far the most awaited project to hit the screens this year. After releasing back-to-back posters starting off with Deepika Padukone’s look, the movie has now completely won the hearts of movie buffs. The trailer is finally out and is as promising as expected.

padmavati trailer video

The galore, grandeur in the posters and the bloody-bold details of the visuals is very much promising. Be it the war scenes or the romance, Bhansali’s previous flicks ‘Ram Leela’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ are legit proofs of him mastering the both gracefully. As it is already understood by many, it is the essence of details in the posters of Padmavati that prove everything Bhansali can do.

Meanwhile, coming to the characterization of Alauddin Khilji in the movie, Ranveer Singh is portraying the role. The badass look of this actor has won hearts of netizens. On an account, it is pretty clear that we are all set to see face the most powerful protagonist of Bollywood in Ranveer as Alauddin.

unknown things about ranveer singh as alauddin khilji in padmavati

Starting from his attempt to abduct Rani Padmini to his will and gait against the Hindu religion, Alauddin is the bull-head of the reel and real story. However, if we dig further, there are certain instances in history that say otherwise. Some of the tax reforms undergone during the days of Khilji were still running successfully and been adopted into modern economics.

Let us go through the five major unknown and most unexpected things that will affect the way we look at Alauddin Khilji.

1. Alauddin Khilji was an ambitious person, he dreamt of becoming legendary ruler “Alexander the Great”, lead many campaigns aiming for the same. He strived to win peoples’ heart, public support was always one of his major objectives. Attempting the same, he brought major changes in the general politics.

2. To prove his generosity, Alauddin Khilji ordered 5 Manns of gold pieces to be shot from a Manjaniq (catapult) at a crowd in Kara. He did this plethora of times.

alauddin khilji currency

3. Mongols are so far considered as the most powerful invaders in the World history, he defended his realm from them thrice by improving the border’s fortifications and establishing the mighty garrisons. He defeated the Mongol armies at the battles of Jalandhar (1298), Kili (1299), Amroha (1305) and Ravi (1306).

4. He maintained a strict law and order. Sources claim that this Turkish ruler built CHOR MINAR where he captured and beheaded the leaders of thieves resided in Mongolpuri camp (Hauz Khas, Delhi), and put their heads on spikes bulging outward and said to be still haunted by the cries of thieves there, it is now one of the most haunted places in New Delhi.

chor minar by alauddin khilji

5. Though there are many stories that reflect him as a maniac, he never followed Islam dedicatedly, the invasions of his subsidiaries, however, resulted in ruining many Hindu temples of which Somnath is the major one. He started making of Alai Minar, a double storied replica of Qutub Mina but died before it completed up to one-storied. One can witness the incompleted  Alai Minar while heading towards Qutub Minar complex.

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