Man Goes To Police Station To File An FIR, Instead Gets A Surprise Birthday Party! Mumbai Police Wins Hearts

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Earlier, various incidents took place dismissing the humanity such as a truck driver moving on recklessly after hitting a pedestrian, though this kind of events are encountered in our day to day life, very few situations come out breaking the boundaries to protect humanity.

mumbai police funny tweets

Back then, there was an incident in which a police constable from Mumbai bravely climbed up to the hilltop and stopped a young man from committing suicide, now, months after that, the same police station is once again on news for various good reasons. It can be noted that this is the best police station ever happened to India.

This time, it isn’t anything related to life and death contexts, but more of being more than just a cop, and being good. Now, if you assume that all this glare of Mumbai Police is limited for the sake of the online persona, then you could not be more wrong. Recently, the officers at the Sakinaka Police station celebrated the birthday of a complainant after his personal details revealed the specialty of the day.

mumbai police celebrating birthday

The young man actually came to the station intending to lodge a FIR. But, to his surprise, his purpose didn’t end with taking the copy of FIR, the police authorities ended up ordering a cake, it was cut and pictures of the celebration were posted on Twitter on October 14, that garnered showers of blessings and sweet messages from the netizens.

In the tweet, Mumbai Police wrote, “When personal details in the FIR revealed it’s complainant Anish’s birthday, a Cake followed the FIR Copy at Sakinaka Pstn.”

Check out the full tweet here:

Well, this is not the first time that Mumbai cops won hearts of people, back then starting from the funny goof-up tweet relating to the Oscars, and another related to FRIENDS, there was nothing less done by them. Twitterati couldn’t stop passing happy comments, lovely messages to the cops handle.

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