Netizens Chose A Special Way To Wish Amitabh Bachchan On His Birthday, And It Turned Out To Be Weird

Saicharan Palakurthi

Kick-start is the word that cannot be used to describe the way Bollywood’s Big B sculped his career. With the humble beginnings, what all he has done has earned him such immense respect and prosperity on screen and off-screen. After all, the actor has now turned 75, but, never sheds his will in choosing the challenging roles.

amitabh bachchan trolled in birthday tweets

Just like the way he shines in the Bollywood at the grand-75, he does the same on social media handles. But, the latter is quite enigmatic, the filters, quotes, and pictures he shares on hisย Twitter handle are not much quintessential when linked to the captions.

Now, God knows why he choosesย such vintage-20thcentury-band-color filters. Colors are not the thing that makes it weird, but, the number of pictures is. Be it the growth in Reliance market or congratulating some director for the fantasticย or artistic work, Big B makes sure that his (I mean Amitabh-himself)ย  picture is there in the status.

amitabh bachchan best and funny tweets

Check out some of such tweets which fathom cannot sink into out thoughts:

And Reliance?

As the actor is celebrating his 75th birthday, Twitterati tried to pose his dose of photography to himself by sharing the similar pictures of themselves. The tweets below are all that is enough to acknowledge the following this actor has, however, the tweets somehow crisscrossed the limits turned out weird.

He found the doppelganger:

Colors and collages: Colorful collages LOL!

Want more?

All in one- A literal combo:


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