Shah Rukh Khan’s Car Accidentally Ran Over A Photographer’s Leg And Here’s What The Actor Did Next.

AIR Staff

Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is one superstar who is extremely humble and down-to-earth person who loves his millions of fans just as they love him.


Yes, Shah Rukh Khan’s love for his fans is just limitless. Unlike the rest of the actors and actresses who usually don’t look back after committing their mistakes, Shah Rukh Khan, on the other hand, is just way too down to earth person.

Recently, we learned how he helped a beggar who came to him for food. And if you thought you’ve seen the best of humanity coming from the superstar already, he showed us again how he is a kind and compassionate person yet again.

Alia Bhatt recently held a birthday party for herself at her house where she invited many Bollywood stars. Shah Rukh Khan was one of them too. The moment Shah Rukh Khan’s car was seen from a distance, photographers jumped on his car just to get his pictures.

There was a big chaos, photographers wanted to capture Shah Rukh Khan entering Alia Bhatt’s house. But in that whole chaos, Shah Rukh Khan’s car accidentally ran over a photographer’s leg.

This left everyone shocked. The moment Shah Rukh saw the incident, he stepped out of the car to make sure that the photographer is fine. Also, the king khan made him sit inside his car and asked his bodyguard to take the injured photographer to the hospital.

Not only this, the actor made sure that the photographer gets treated by his personal doctor at Nanavati Hospital and he also took the responsibility of all the medical expenses. 

This gesture by the actor once again proved that he truly deserves the title of King Khan.

An eye witnessed of the incident said, “Shah Rukh was extremely polite and asked the photographers not be scared as he will take care of the entire incident.

He further elaborated,

 “The photographer who got injured is the new guy and he extremely got excited seeing the actor . He tried his level best to capture Shah Rukh in his favor and didn’t realise that he will hurt himself as the car was moving in the full speed. But thankfully nothing major happened and the situation is now under control.

Well, this clearly proves that King Khan is not only a reel-life, but a real-life hero too!

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