This Crazy Fan Once Asked SRK How 1+1=3!! Shah Rukh Khan’s Witty Reply Is Winning The Internet!

Written By : AIR Staff

Shah Rukh Khan is not just the King of Bollywood but he is the King of hearts of his fans. He knows how important it is to keep his fans happy. The Baadshah of Bollywood understands the emotions of his followers and manages to give them as much attention and time out of his busy schedule whenever he can.

He truly is the King of our hearts, isn’t he?

Time and again, he hosts #AskSRK sessions on Twitter and they are fun. I am sure most of us did not expect such witty replies from the actor. Really, he has answers to literally every question! Although the actor is diplomatic, he doesn’t fail to keep his fans entertained.

Undoubtedly, SRK is one of the wittiest Bollywood stars in the industry. Even at 50, his quirkiness and wittiness to play with words make us swoon over him.

Here is a Twitter chat (Although of 2014) which you are going to read now is sure to leave you in splits. It seems this fan was in a playful mood and hence tagged SRK; he asked him how 1+1=3!

Here’s his tweet:

He wrote, “Quick one 1+1=3 kase ho sktha hai?

It’s common that fans keep tweeting out to their favorite stars every now and then, but this fan (Syed Haider), must have never expected that SRK would actually reply to his “Faaltu” tweet.

As known for his witty and funny replies, the King khan decided to give a meaningful answer to this meaningless tweet.

This is what he tweeted:

Shah Rukh Khan wrote, If u don’t use protection I guess.

The actor explained that if couples don’t use protection while having a physical relationship, 1+1 can definitely be 3. Haha, Shah Rukh has a great sense of humor. Although the question was baseless, the star handled it really well.

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