This Baahubali Actor Is Now Arrested For Cheating A Married Woman, Know The Details Here

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Baahubali series marked a contemporary landmark in the history of Indian cinema, in the genre of fantasy and fiction, this series is definitely a magnum opus in the field of filmmaking. Now, that it has been a while the completion of series, people are quite curious about the cast of Baahubali., especially, Prabhas and Anushka Shetty’s future ventures. This curiosity applies to every actor in the series.

baahubali actor arrested

While the whole cast is doing incredibly good with their cinematic profession, it is actor Venkata Prasad, one who played the role of Prabhas’ adopted father in Baahubali, who also is the manager of Prasad’s IMAX multiplex in Hyderabad, was arrested on Thursday following the complaint of a woman alleging he had sexually exploited her.

She stated that he did all this promising of marriage. The 33-year-old woman, who also works in Prasad’s, has mentioned in her complaint that Prasad had sexually exploited her for seven years, and that he has started avoiding her when she asked him to marry her. She alleged that he was now in sexual relation with another woman secretly.

prabhas father venkata prasad arrested

This woman who complained against Venkata Prasad was married to someone back in 2007, that is 10 years ago. But, she has been living separately from her husband for a long time. The couple had filed for divorce, and even before they could get separated legally, Prasad grew close to her, and allegedly started an affair with her on the promise of marrying her soon after she gets divorced.

baahubali actor arrested

The victim added that he had made her pregnant twice, and on both occasions, he reportedly coerced her into aborting the fetus. She further said that he had threatened to kill her when she persistently asked him to marry her.

Post this, the police booked a case against Prasad and took him into custody on Thursday. During the investigation, police reportedly found out that he had cheated several women in the past. The investigation is on, further ugly secrets will be revealed soon.

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