Twitterati Slam Rishi Kapoor Left, Right And Centre For Saying ‘J&K Is Ours, And PoK Is Theirs’

Written By : Vamshi Krishna

Bollywood’s one of the most prominent veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is also well known for countering the political mishappenings and of course, it doesn’t take much time for him to backfire on silly trolls when it is about him or his people.

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Starting from his loosening free words on the award-taking procedure, Rishi Kapoor is nowhere the person who stops expressing his views and exposing the truths. The actor has always been the center of news and controversies for one or other reasons.

It is not exactly new for actor Rishi Kapoor to stir up a controversy on Twitter. The veteran actor, who is quite active on the micro-blogging site, often touches the wrong nerve with his opinionated tweets. Rishi Kapoor has been calm for a while on social media. After a few weeks of silence, the veteran is in the news again for his tweet.

Rishi Kapoor Tweet

On Saturday, Opposition National Conference president, Farooq Abdullah said that the talk of an Independent Kashmir was wrong as it is surrounded by three nuclear powers China, Pakistan and India. He also added that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan and the situation will not change irrespective of the number of wars India and Pakistan fight against each other.

The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister also said those who are talking about azaadi, are, in fact, wrong. Taking this forward and voicing his support for Abdullah, Rishi Kapoor tweeted that he is in complete agreement with Abdullah. “J&K is ours, and PoK is theirs,” the actor wrote, adding that it is the only way “we can solve our problem”.

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Rishi Kapoor tweeted, “Farooq Abdhulla Ji, Salaam! Totally agree with you, sir. J&K is ours, and PoK is theirs. This is the only way we can solve our problem. Accept it, I am 65 years old and I want to see Pakistan before I die. I want my children to see their roots. Bas karva Dijiye. Jai Mata Di.”

The veteran actor, in his tweet, was referring to his ancestral house in Peshawar, Pakistan which he wishes to visit before dying. It was constructed between 1918 and 1922 by Dewan Basheswarnath Kapoor, the father of Prithviraj Kapoor, the first member of the family to enter the film industry. The Kapoors shifted to India after the 1947 partition.

Rishi Kapoor found himself in hot waters again when he voiced his support to Farooq Abdullah. His words did not go down too well with social media users. Check out how they reacted.

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