Video: MP Dr. Ravindra Babu Insults and Abuses Indian Army, Makes Every Indian’s Blood Boil

Indian Army and the sister armed forces Indian Air Force and Indian Navy personnel’s have high respect for their services offered during their tenure even by the nation’s first citizen. While on the other hand there are few nerds and as***les in our holy nation who still have an unacceptable and worst attitude towards the brave armed forces. Look out how a people’s representative, an honorable Member of Parliament(MP) humiliates Indian Army and the other armed forces which would leave your blood boiling at high temperature.

Honorable MP Dr. Ravindra Babu Pandula defames Indian Army

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TDP MP Humiliates Indian Army and Armed Forces on National Television:

A public representative, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP Pandula Ravindra Babu has presented his disgusting attitude humiliating Indian Armed forces. TDP MP Pandula Ravindra Babu made shameful comments over an Indian Army retired Major calling him and the rest of people serving in armed forces of India for free liquor, free meat, free holidaying (LTC) with family and many other loathful words which had left people across the nation to pelt stones over their TV sets.

TDP MP Pandula Ravindra Babu who was in a well known Arnab Goswami Times Now TV Channel News Hour debate panel along with fellow politicians and other well-regarded people made offensive statements against Indian Army. Perhaps it is all just because of Indian Armed forces, we the people in the nation do feel safe and breathe for a peaceful life. India has been a nation with high patriotism and self-respect which can’t be envisaged without Jawan and Kisaan (Soldier and Farmer).

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Violative and repellant comments of TDP MP Pandula Ravindra Babu would make us feel what most people think our ‘beloved’ MPs are like, is indeed true after watching this video of national television. TDP MP Pandula Ravindra Babu while defending his stand over carrying a matchbox on a plane, this senseless politician would make the blood boil of people watching this video of Time Now Newshour while responding to retired serviceman Major Vijay.

Although on being asked to apologize for his bizzare statements and comments of joining the forces because of the subsidised alcohol and free rations, re resists to apologize and correct his stand over Indian armed forces. How would you like to respond to this imbecile and half-wit Telugu Desam Party MP Pandula Ravindra Babu comments? Share your responses with us by commenting them below and let the Chief of TDP and the concerned authorities to take action over him. On moral grounds the MP should have resigned or made a public apology while none of the actions have found so far. Share the info and spread the word.

I am amused to see the existence of such people and an honorable MP from a political party of great vision reprsenting a large section of Indian society with such a narrow mind and subnormal intelligence. Stay tuned with us and bookmark us pressing Ctrl+D for more sensible posts.

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