People Have A Hard Time Believing Pope Francis Used To Work As A Nightclub Bouncer

There are a lot of things that are not known about the pope of the Catholic Church and people are not really bothered about that.

But in recent days, the internet has gone wild after knowing that Pope Francis was once a night club bouncer in Argentina.

Recently, Pope Francis opened up about his time working at a nightclub in Buenos Aires, which is located in Argentina.

He was born and raised in that city.

While visiting a church in a working class area of Rome, the pope talked about his teen years.

During the visit, he talked about his other non-religious roles, which include sweeping floors and working in a laboratory when he was young and trying to earn money in Argentina.

The things that Pope Francis revealed at the church left a lot of people stunned.

The best thing about this is that Pope Francis went through a lot of things that most of us do in our younger and struggling years as we try to figure out the right path of our lives.

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