Indiana Man Assaults 7-Eleven Clerk Who Asked Him To Wear A Mask Inside The Store

The Mishawaka Police in Indiana, USA, is currently searching for a man that is accused of assaulting a 7-Eleven clerk who told him that they needed to wear a mask inside the store.

The incident happened on May 13, 2020, at around 9 am at the 7-Eleven at 601 N. Main Street, Mishawaka.

The police released a statement about the incident, where they said:

A male subject entered the 7-11 without wearing a mask and attempted to purchase a cup of coffee. When the subject was told he couldn’t be served because he was not wearing a mask the male subject threw the cup of coffee on the clerk and left. The male subject returned and was asked to leave by the clerk. The male subject then punched the clerk knocking her to the ground. The subject proceeded to punch and kick the clerk before leaving the store. The male subject is described as a light skin male black with small dreads, 5’9”-5”10” tall, 150 pounds wearing jeans with holes in them, a dark gray or black light coat with a hood on it and bright blue tennis shoes. It is believed that the male subject is between 20 and 25 years of age.

Anyone that has information about the man that the police are talking about, you are asked to call Detective Donald Siders.

You can do so by contacting the Mishawaka Police Department Detective Bureau at 574-258-1684.

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