Pakistani Journalist Interviews Coronavirus Patient Without Wearing A Mask

Social media users in Pakistan are currently worried about the health of a journalist who accidentally interviewed a coronavirus patient.

The journalist was reporting on the petrol crisis in Peshawar, Pakistan when he accidentally interacted with a man that tested positive for the disease.

The patient was on his way to the hospital to seek medical attention.

The patient in the video was not wearing a mask when he was interviewed by the journalist.

Anas Mallick, a Pakistani journalist and documentary filmmaker, shared the video on Twitter along with the caption: “Genuinely feel sorry for the ARY Reporter, Adnan Tariq. For better understanding, watch the video till the end. #covid19 #Pakistan”

The journalist in the video has been identified as Adnan Tariq, an ARY reporter.

In the video, Tariq was standing at a petrol pump and could be heard saying:

Petrol is unavailable at most petrol stations in Peshawar. Wherever it is available, there are long queues of vehicle owners.

He then turned to interview a man, who was not wearing any face mask.

The man was asked questions about the crisis and later in the video, he said that he has the virus and was headed to a hospital.

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