Zookeepers Self-Isolate At Wildlife Park To Make Sure Animals Are Looked After During Coronavirus Lockdown

The staff at a zoo in the United Kingdom are self-isolating with the animals at the zoo so they can nourish them throughout the pandemic and lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything has been shut down, except medical stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals. This was done to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Most of the establishments do not require constant care even if they are shut down, however, this is not the case with zoos.

Zoos have animals living in them, so it would be necessary for the staff to stay behind and take care of the animals.

The zookeepers at the Paradise Park in Cornwall, the United Kingdom, packed for 12 weeks and received support from other members of the zoo so they could take care of the 1,200 animals that are living there.

During an interview with BBC, Izzy Saralis-Wheatly, one of the four keepers that are self-isolating with the animals, said, “We’re super busy all the time which is a good distraction. We’ve all been here for each other when it’s got tough.”

Izzy added, “If the other zookeepers have to self-isolate, hopefully the four of us could keep it running as best as we could.”

Izzy continued, “The other workers are coming in, but it’s so tricky because it’s a team job. We can’t help each other out if we’re falling behind, so you just have to work at your own pace.”

While ensuring the animals survive throughout the lockdown, maintaining the financial health of the zoo is a huge problem.

In just one week alone, the zoo needs £1,500 so it could feed all of its animals.

Izzy explained, “With it being Easter we are at our lowest point in terms of money and feeding animals costs ridiculous amounts.”

Izzy added, “This is usually a really important time of year with lots of visitors.”

As of writing this article, the staff at Paradise Park are looking for people that could donate to the park so they could look after the zoo continuously.

Your donations will help look after the animals while the zoo is closed to the public.

You can donate here.

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