New Delhi: 4 Men From Afghanistan Arrested At The Delhi Airport After They Tried To Smuggle Heroin

Police Report: In the Indira Gandhi International Airport, 4 men from Afghanistan were arrested after they tried to smuggle Heroin in India, the reports said that they tried to hide the drug inside their abdomen.

The police added that the 4 men from Afghanistan came to Delhi on a medical visa from Afghanistan.

The four men have been identified as Mohammad Nasim Noorzai, Abdul Haq Noorzai, Mohammad Esmael Noorzai, and Mohammad Naeim Noorzai. The 4 men are from the province of Farah which is located in the western part of Afghanistan. The 4 men were caught hiding the heroin in their abdomen, the reports say that they were about to sell the drug in Delhi-NCR and other major states.

The 4 men from Afghanistan are now admitted in Safdarjung Hospital, the doctors extracted 122 capsules from their abdomen, the total weight of the heroin extracted from them was 920 grams.

Pramod Singh Kushwah, a senior police officer said that it will take a couple of days to extract all the heroin from their abdomen.

Pramod Singh Kushwah, a senior police officer said that they got information that said an international gang was coming in, so they anticipated them and arrested them on February 23, 2019.

The 4 men were dizzy when they arrived at the airport, the officials took them to the hospital.

In the interrogation that was done by the police, the men from Afghanistan said that the gang is based in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The 4 men also told the police officials that heroin was supposed to be supplied to African Nationals here in India.


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