Delhi: Neighbour Shoots 24-Year-Old Man After An Argument

24-year-old Mohit Chabra was shot by his neighbor while he was on a terrace of a building, he was with his friends partying, after an argument arose between them, the shooting happened. The incident happened in the Vasant Kunj area of Delhi.

The incident happened on Saturday, the police added that they received a call by 12 AM which informed them that a man has been shot by his neighbor in Vasant Kunj.

When the police arrived on the scene, they learned that Mohit was rushed to the Fortis Hospital by his family members, Neeraj, the man who shot Mohit was found in his flat which was located at the third floor of the building.

The police arrested Neeraj from his flat, a case has been registered on Neeraj, and the police also found the gun used in the crime from his flat.

Preliminary investigations show that Mohit was partying with his friends on the terrace of the building. The wife of Neeraj came to the terrace where Mohit and his friends were partying and asked them to stop creating loud noises.

Neeraj also came to the terrace, after some time an argument broke out between Neeraj and Mohit, Neeraj went back to his flat and returned to the terrace with a pistol.

24-year-old Mohit Chabra attained 2 bullet injuries on his head. The doctors from the Fortis Hospital has labeled his condition as Critical. He is admitted in the Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital.

24-year-old Mohit Chabra owns a gym in the area, while Neeraj owns a couple of properties in Vasant Kunj and is also in the mobile business. The police added that Neeraj is known for showing off his pistol and has also fired a couple of shots in the area.


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