10 Before And After Bride Pictures That Shows The Power Of Makeup And How It Enhances Natural Beauty

Everyone is created equally in the eyes of the creator. Each one of us has its own unique features and we get to accept our flaws as we grow up. Not only that, once we meet someone who accepts us for who we are we also start to bloom more. That special person helps us become more comfortable around each other and promotes better self-esteem.

In the life of every woman, marriage is something that they dream and wonder a lot about. Many say that the best feeling in the world is when you get to spend the rest of your life with someone that accepts you for who you are, someone who acts like your best friend, and is willing to go through thick and thin with you no matter how hard the road gets.

When it comes to the special day, a lot of women prefer to go for a natural or subtle look, but some preferring looking better and flawless on their big day.

This is why AIR is bringing 10 of the best before and after bride pictures that show the power of make-up and how it can enhance natural beauty. The images below are the work of Arber Bytyqi, a Pro Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer.

10 Before And After Bride Pictures That Shows The Power Of Make-Up And How It Enhances Natural Beauty

All images that we shared above were shared by Arber Bytyqi. You can check out their work by clicking here.

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