Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend In The UK Parliament And Gets Surprised

Love is found in mysterious ways and love proposals are happened in strange places sometimes, or say, most of the times. In such a strange incident, a civil servant proposed to his parliamentary research girlfriend by going down on one knee on the floor of UK’s House of Commons.

Yes! A 32-year-old Matthew Reville from South Norwood proposed his 32-year-old girlfriend Rachel Evans from Twickenham at the green seats of the British House of Commons.

Both of them first met in a bar in Westminster in April 2016. And now, almost two years later on March 9, Matthew Reville has decided to ask a question to Evans.


Speaking on his strange proposal to The Daily Mail, Reville said, “we are both quite private people, so I thought I’d surprise her with a very public proposal. We told all our family and then a few days later put it on social media to tell friends.”

Reville’s friend managed to capture the whole magical moments in his phone camera. “I asked Rachel to give a tour of the house to a colleague, who was actually there to film the big moment.”

Here is the magical and sweet moment between the couple. Guess what? She replied with a “YES!” The time we have spent together has been the best period of my life and that I want to share the rest of my life with you.

Both of them are now engaged happily with their friends on Facebook and Twitter cheering them with some witty puns.

Isn’t that a proposal to remember? Put your thoughts in the comments section.

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