Kangana Ranaut Alleges Filmfare Awards Are Rigged, Editor Jitesh Pillai Hits Back

Kangana Ranaut has once again called a spade and spade, and not hidden behind remarks when speaking about Bollywood award ceremonies in an interview. After owning the whole 2017 with “Nepotism” and “Hrithik Roshan” controversies, it seems Kangana has got a new topic.

kangana ranaut

The ‘Simran’ girl has made some shocking allegations in her recent chat session with Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra in their podcast where she spoke about her experiences with various award functions before she decided to boycott all of them in 2014.

We had seen many actors taking a dig at Indian Award system but no one has ever targeted any magazine or a TV channel. However, Kangana, the queen of controversies has directly targeted Filmfare for not giving her award just because she missed to attend the function earlier. During a podcast with Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand, Kangana Ranaut revealed her experiences with various award functions.

kangana ranaut

She said, Initially you have this ideal notion of the system. It is about adding to your Wikipedia (page) so it is all a fairy tale image. I have had some very ugly experiences. Kangana, who is known for boycotting award shows since 2014, along with other stars like Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan, said,

“Early on, I got dressed up for some award, I don’t remember the award but I was supposed to receive the award for supporting cast for Life In A Metro. I got stuck in traffic. I started getting calls asking ‘where are you’. The hysteria and panic that I experienced, I didn’t make it and Soha (Ali Khan) got it for Rang De Basanti,” as reported by India Today.


The actress said, “Imagine a young woman, that whole notion that you are somebody who is getting an award, that entire thing was shattered. It is like everyone gets a little candy to play with. I was late for some 10-15 minutes and I didn’t get the award.”

Further sharing her experience with Filmfare, she said, I was in the United States for my screenwriting course when I got a call from Filmfare in 2014. They told me I was going to get an award for Krrish 3 and they requested me to come back for just one day so I could attend the awards. I told them I am doing my course and going back and forth will cost me around 10 lakh. Because I would miss my classes, I told them it’s not possible. They then gave the Best Supporting Actress award to Supriya Pathak for Ram Leela instead.”


The editor of Filmfare, Jitesh Pillai was surprised by these allegations of Kangana. Lashing out at Kangana, he tweeted, “Apparently Kangana Ranaut has given a radio interview where she says I told her she was winning for Krrish. Is she hallucinating? I’ve never had a conversation with her about Krrish.”

Further, talking about her claims that Filmfare team doesn’t talk to her, he wrote, “Kangana further adds that the Filmfare team doesn’t talk to her. We just shot a cover with her in August in London. Our team was present having a wonderful time with her.”

He then said that he didn’t go to anyone’s house or beg anyone to accept the award. He wrote, “And if memory serves me right Kangana reportedly sent her driver to collect her Filmfare trophy to Anand rai’s office. I didn’t go to anyone’s house or beg anyone to accept the award,” in the next tweet.

Sonam Kapoor was brought into the conversation by him as he tweeted, 

Sonam Kapoor came out in support of Jitesh Pillai and tweeted, 

Jitesh concluded with these tweets, “Thank you, baby. Clearly, it doesn’t suit the conspiracy narrative na? It would be soon boring to say Filmfare is nice and all.”

“It’s damn funny I also don’t remember having any conversation with you about Neeraj vs Udta Punjab and who deserved what award.”

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