Pamela Anderson Ends 12 Day Marriage With Jon Peters And Says She Feels Betrayed

Pamela Anderson, 52, made a cryptic post on Instagram after her marriage came to an end after 12 days.

Anderson, who is known for her role in the Baywatch, took it to Instagram to share a motivational quote about dealing with betrayal and pain.

The cryptic message comes after she announced that she was splitting from Jon Peters, her husband of just 12 days.

They broker up earlier this month after a very short marriage.

In the post that she shared, Pamela wrote, “We are all getting our share in this crazy world. As long as we are wrestling we are alive. As long as we recognize insanity we are sane. It is better to be betrayed than not to trust, better to be disappointed than not to love.”

She added, “Don’t ever run from pain, just face it allow it to be and it will pass and we will have grown to the next level.”

Jon Peters, the ex-husband of Anderson, said he paid off $200,000 in debt of Pamela and brought her a lot of new clothes when they were married.

Jon said he feels like an old fool after spending a lot of money on her just to get dumped a couple of days later.

In an email that Jon shared with Page Six, he insisted that everything Pamela told was a lie.

Jon said he looked after Pamela for years and told her that he would pay off her debts.

Recent rumors suggest that Pamela was the one that proposed to him through a text message.

Jon told Page Six that he was breaking his silence about their 12-day marriage after reading reports that Pamela had called off their relationship because of his controlling behavior.

Jon said, “Needless to say that when she texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else and the lady was moving in.”

Jon added, “I dropped everything for Pam. She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool.”

The 2 got married earlier this year in Malibu, California.

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