Singer Suchitra Now Leaks The Private Pictures Of Dhanush, Anirudh Ravichander, Hansika Motwani, Trisha And Others On Twitter

Now it appears like a revenge story, popular singer Suchitra leaked some private pictures of the celebrities Dhanush and other Tamil actors including Trisha, Divya Darshini, Andrea Jeremiah, Anirudh Ravichander, Hansika on Twitter today.

Earlier, she quoted that these leaks are irrelated to her and her Twitter account is hacked.

Meanwhile, in the pics, you can see that singer cum actress Andreah and Anirudh can be seen in an intimate manner, Dhanush is seen chilling with Trisha and actress Divya Darshini is seen with an unknown male friend.

private pics of trisha and dhanush leaked by suchitra

andreah and anirudh secret pics leaked by suchitra

In addition to that, there is a party pic of South Indian actress Hansika Motwani that is going viral on social media.

Along with Dhanush’s pictures, she mentioned ‘So before you troll me #Dhanush fans, look at your hero Leelai’s. Wait, more shocker to come’, she then deleted the pictures.

In the series of tweets, she accused the team of Dhanush and added that they manhandled her, then also shared a picture of her bruised arm.

When asked if her account was hacked, Suchitra firmly replied that it was indeed her. However, her husband later apologized for the controversy on social media clarifying her account was indeed hacked and it wasn’t she, the one who posted insensitive tweets.

Suchitra’s husband spoke to media and clarified the clouds saying that the last few days were stressful for them, as her account was hacked. He apologized to all the people concerned about the issues and requested media to handle the matter sensitively.

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