Avengers Endgame Major Spoiler Video Leaked: Tony Stark Reunites With Peter Parker And Hulk Tries To Wear The Stark Gauntlet

A leaked video with major spoiler moments from the Avengers Endgame surfed the internet earlier.

Major Spoiler Alert!! Read on your own risk.

In the 5 minute long video that surfed the internet, you could see the following happenings:

-Hulk becomes Professor Hulk who sounds exactly like Mark Ruffalo, he could even speak full sentences and was seen wearing a tank top and professor glasses.

Tony Stark, Captain America, and Scott travel back to the battle of New-York to retrieve the time, mind, and space stones.

-Steve was seen fighting with his past self.

-Thor was seen living with Miek and Korg, he was drunk and did not care about what happened. Rocket and the Hulk were trying to bring him back, the video showed Thor having a long beard.

-Iron Man calls Rocket as “Ratchet” with Rocket replying with “you are only a genius on Earth”

-Hulk wore the Stark Gauntlet.

-Captain America fights with his shield with the Mjolnir, a weapon of Thor that was destroyed.

-Sam is seen coming back, you could even hear him say “On your left” to Captain America.

-T’challa and Shuri were also seen coming out of a portal.

-A very big scene with all the main characters, which includes the guardians of the galaxy, the Avengers, wasp, and spider-man go against the mighty Thanos.

-Captain America shouts “Avengers Assemble”

-Tony Stark reunites with Peter Parker and gives him a tight hug.

-Captain Marvel gets the short hair that she has in the comics.

-Peter gives the stark gauntlet to Captain Marvel.

The Avengers: Endgame will be released on 26 April 2019 in India, dates of the release varies on where you live.

The leaked video has been removed from Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit after fans accidentally saw the leaked images and videos, causing outrage and rant posts on the social media platforms.

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