George Clooney Injured In Car Crash In Sardinia

According to a report, Hollywood actor George Clooney met with a road accident in Sardinia and had been injured. As per the source, George Clooney’ scooter collided with a car when he was leaving the windscreen shattered. on Tuesday the 57-year-old actor was heading to a film set when his motorbike had been hit by a car.
As per the Italian media reports, when the actor was riding along a state road in Costa Corallina, this incident took place and he got injured after that he had been hospitalized for the treatment.
As per one of the source, actor George Clooney’s injuries are not such serious but he had been taken to the John Paul II hospital emergency room. and had already been discharged. according to the police, they have no idea about this accident.

Hollywood actor George Clooney’s spokesperson Stan Rosenfield told that “He is recovering at his home and will be fine,”

The video of the whole incident had been recorded by a CCTV camera that is nearby the accident area in Sardinia

In the video that is recorded by CCTV camera, shows a blue Mercedes Bens has suddenly changed the direction into oncoming traffic to turn into a residential compound near Olbia, Clooney’s scooter crashing into the car while another scooter alongside him manages to swerve around it.
Hollywood actor George Clooney has been thrown over the front of his bike and up in the air before landing on the surface, where he got the help from the car driver.
in the John Paul II hospital in Olbia where the actor has got treated, was confirmed it and said he will be released after a few hours.

As per the report, The Oscar-winning actor-director Clooney was in Sardinia and filming a television miniseries adapted from Joseph Heller’s World War II novel “Catch-22.”

As per the source, Hollywood actor George Clooney is a frequent visitor to Italy. in 2014 he got married in Venice and has come a home on Lake to the British human rights attorney Amal Clooney.

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