Kannada Director Caught In TV9 Sting Operation

The field of cinema is something that seems to have a strong link with the meat trade. Although many hate to admit it openly some say it’s a dark secret about showbiz world.There was a time when the film industry was considered as a means of entertainment and relaxation for many people and their families. Also those who are part of it that I have stigmatized But those days have passed and today, it is not only the image of the industry.


The reason that happens to be the acts of a few individuals.Here is one of those people in the film industry sandalwood. Director Om Prakash Rao has been part of the

Kannada Film Industry for 36 Years:

On Tuesday night, a sting operation by news channel TV9 shook known names including sandalwood and Om prakāśaḥ rao were part of a sting operation operation.The scandal several aspiring actresses complained sofa quality in the industry were conducted.According to them Om Prakash Rao is said to have asked for sexual favors to
attract with the name of some of the most important projects.

The director has appeared in the video to boast that he has slept with most of the top heroines in sandalwood, even naming a few. Along Om Prakash with some other bigwigs sandalwood also caught in the sting and alleged defendants include Guru Deshpande, Diwakar Babu, Govind Raju and artist and coordinator Ravi Belli Chukki and fashion them Manja. Many situations appeared semi naked for the camera.

The police operation is creating sensation in Sandalwood.

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