This is a Unique Fan Made in 1835 by the East India Company and The Engineering is Quite Impressive

The East India Company (EIC), also known as the Honourable East India Company and informally as John Company[1] was an English and later British joint-stock company, formed to pursue trade with the East Indies, but which ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent and Qing China.

East India Company or Honourable Fast India company was an International trading company and received permission from Queen Elizabeth in 1600 to trade. In India, it was called as English East India Company Mainly concentrated on India ( Pakistan and Bangladesh ), Qing Dynasty in China, North-west Frontier province and Balochistan. Main trade was basic commodities which include salt, saltpetre, tea and opium. It started its rule in India on 1757 after Battle of Plassey and following Indian rebellion of 1857 company started direct era upto Indian Independence.

During the British Rule in India the East India company has produced a lot of products here and sold in the markets of India. Here is one such unique fan that we have found that was manufactured by East India Company.

You can watch the video below:

The Company created a powerful East India lobby in Parliament, a caucus of MP’s who had either directly or indirectly profited from its business and who constituted one of the most united and formidable forces in British politics. It also made regular gifts to the Court. All who could help or hurt at Court: ministers, mistresses, priests, were kept in good humour by presents of shawls and silks, birds’ nests and attar of roses, bulses of diamonds and bags of guineas. It also made timely gifts to the Treasury whenever the state faced bankruptcy. In short, it acted as what George Dempster, a stockholder, called a “great money engine of state”.

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