2 Feral Cats Break Into Research Facility To Eat Human Flesh

Scientists in the United States of America made a shocking find after 2 feral cats broke into their center and ate bodies that were donated in the name of science.

In a recent paper, researchers at the Mesa University Forensic Investigation Research Station in Colorado described how 2 different human corpses were eaten by 2 cats.

Researchers from the university said the 2 cats had a taste for arm tissue.

The bodies that the cats ate were left decomposing on land that was within the facility’s 2 acres.

The study was being conducted to see what happens to decay human flesh.

Their study was aimed at helping the police, medical examiners, and coroners in determining what happens naturally and unnaturally to the body after one dies.

The station is surrounded by 10 feet high wire-topped fence that extends 2 feet underground to keep out large animals.

Melissa Connor, a forensic anthropology professor and director of the station, said cats, skunks, and snakes would slip in through gasps in and under the front gate.

In late 2017, feral cats were caught eating the bodies that were left out.

The cats reportedly ate all the way to the bone.

The paper was published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

The study stated that the cat in the study chose a body and came back each night for 35 days in a row to eat its flesh.

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