7 Places In India Where Only Indians Are Banned!

Well, there was a time when Indian were humiliated and literally boycotted from entering few places during the colonial era. We are well aware of the backlash Mahatma Gandhi dealt in South Africa pretty regarding the racial discrimination, however, would be heartbroken to see his own nation, still in the clutches of racism.

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Earlier, we shared the story of an Israeli cafe in Kasol that does not allow Indians. After further research, we found that this isn’t the only place in India with this restricted entry to Indians. There are 7 other places in India where Indians are strictly banned. It seems hard to believe but yes, this is true.

It might be the concerns of privacy and will that made those hotels and organizations to restrict the possible entries. But, here are a few examples when people took it to a whole other level.

1. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

 5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned-Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol

Being the first choice for Winter lovers in India, Kasol is always a jewel in the crown in North India. It is well-known for its peace and laid back attitude. But a restaurant in Kasol namely ‘Free Kasol’ discriminates against people by refusing to serve Indian customers. Just because the owner’s loyalty doesn’t lie with Indians! This cafe became infamous after a story of its owners refused to serve an Indian who had gone there to dine out with his foreigner friend went viral on social media.

2. ‘Foreigner’s Only’ beaches in Goa

5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned (3)

The first name that ever echoes when the word vacation is spelled, Goa is probably the most frequented tourist destination in India. A number of beach shack owners in Goa openly discriminate against Indian beach-goers. The reasoning behind this one is that it protects bikini-wearing foreigners from the lusty eyes of Indians, presumably because only Indians are capable of “lusty gazes”. Whatever excuse the private beach owners give, the hard fact remains the same: “Sorry Indians, you’re not welcome!” Well, that’s quite embarrassing.

3. ‘Foreigner’s Only’ beaches in Pondicherry

 5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned-‘Foreigner’s Only’ beaches in Pondicherry

Following Goa, Pondicherry is another favored destination for foreigners who come to India. The pristine beaches surrounded by the beautiful French and Indian architecture make it a preferred location for both Indians and foreigners. However, they, too like Goa, have beaches reserved exclusively for the foreigners while Indians gets humiliation and nothing else there. Yes, I don’t get it either!

4. Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore

5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned -Uno-In Hotel in Bangalore

The UNO-IN hotel was setup in association with Nippon Infrastructure company in 2012 in Bangalore to cater to the needs of the growing corporate Japanese population in Bangalore city.  The hotel however shot to limelight in early 2014 after reports of them denying entry for Indians into their restaurant was picked up by the media. The hotel was soon shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation on charges of racial discrimination.

5. Broadlands Lodge in Chennai

5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned - Broadlands Lodge in Chennai

This former Nawab’s residence which was turned into a hotel in Triplicane (Chennai) caters only to foreign passport holders and the Indians are not allowed in the lodge. The lodge has been given the pseudonym “Highlands Hotel”.

Are we Indians really that bad to have as a company or is this just a clear case of discrimination? If we pander to such things we might as well revert to pre-independence India and hang up signs saying “No Indians and Dogs allowed” and accept being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!

6. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad

A Japanese restaurant set out Albeit a low-profile hotel on Gokuldham Sanand Road in Ahmedabad; it is still out of bounds for Indian folk and only Japanese are welcome here. To add to this plight is the fact that owner is an Indian! When asked the reason, he states that all his workers are from the north-east and that he receives many Japanese guests at his hotel. Allegedly, the persistent ogling by the Indian customers forced him to make the change.

7. A residential complex, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

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A residential complex whose name for obvious reasons has been omitted, near Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, at Tirunelveli, is an exclusive place for the Russians and only Russians. Situated in the temple district of India, it is astonishing how such discriminations can be made to the hosts themselves!

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