Indians are not Allowed into Cafe FREE KASOL and the Owner Explains the Reasons Why?

Kasol is one of the famous and most loved tourist place in India for several reasons. Most of the people prefer to visit Kasol because no other places offers peace like Kasol.

Won’t it be shocking if you are not allowed to enter somewhere in our own country?. A recent online outrage about the most famous cafe, “Free Kasol”, in Kasol has came into into picture when an Indian was restricted to dine in the cafe.

Indians Are Not Allowed To Dine

Facebook post, which was the only proof regarding the incident gone viral over the social networking sites.The only reason they denied to serve was just because she was an Indian nationality.

The Owner Of This Kasol Restaurant Explains Why ‘Indians Are Not Allowed Here

Until now Kasol was remarkably known to everyone as one of the best chilling out place for Indians, but after this incident it seems the cafe has lost most of its Indian customers. Saif Syed decided to go there for himself and find out what the deal was. You can check out his investigative video.

Here is the video of why cafe Free Kasol restricting Indians to dine

After knowing about the complaint on social media, the administration of Kullu district asked for an immediate inquiry into the matter. Though there is no formal or written complaint, Kullu’s deputy commissioner Rakesh Kanwar has directed the district’s superintendent of police to look into the matter.

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