Afghans Carry 100 Metre Tricolour Flag To Thank India For Reconstructing The Salma Dam!

India’s major reconstruction project in Afghanistan, the Salma Dam, is nearing completion. Water has started filling up its reservoirs – delighting Afghan residents in the western Herat province where it is located. India began the reconstruction work of the dam in the war-torn country in 2006.

Filled with joy over the news of the construction work nearing completion, thousands of Afghan residents expressed their gratitude by visiting the Indian consulate in Herat and thanking the officials for the vital role that they played in reconstructing the dam.

Afghans Thank India With A 100m Tricolour Friendship Flag For Reconstructing The Salma Dam

After the $300 million project got completed, the 20-km long and 3.7-km wide dam reservoir with a storage capacity of 640 million cubic meters, began filling up much to the delight of the Afghan citizens.

Indians Made A Dam For The Afghans, So They Carried A 100m Tricolor To Express Gratitude:

Afghans were filled with exhilaration and were all praise for India for taking up the construction of the dam. They took out processions, sang Bollywood numbers and presented the Indian officials at the consulate with flowers. All this just to thank India enough for its efforts.

The really proud and amazing part was that the Afghans carried a 100 m tricolour, along with their own national flag, on the streets of Afghanistan to express gratefulness to the Indian government.

This moment truly sealed the bond between both the nations forever. The completion of the long-awaited dam is of massive importance to Afghanistan and will solve the issue of electricity generation in the country.

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