Columbian Mother Gives Birth To “Pregnant” Baby Who Went Through Emergency C-Section At Just 1-Day-Old

A baby in Columbia was born pregnant with her own twin and had to go through a C-section so the twin could be removed.

The birth was reported in March, and the doctors call such instance as the “fetus-in-fetu”, where a partially formed fetus grows inside of a healthy fetus’s body.

When the infant became 1-day-old, its twin got removed through an emergency C-section.

Mónica Vega from Barranquilla, Colombia, the mother of the baby, went to a local hospital to present her ultrasound when the doctors discovered 2 umbilical cords inside of her uterus.

Monica was expecting 2 health twins, but something extremely rare happened.

Instead of having 2 healthy twins, her daughter absorbed her own twin in the womb.

The baby of Monica was delivered through an emergency C-section operation, and her baby also received her own emergency cesarean operation 24 hours later.

If the doctors did not remove the fetus from Itzmara, the baby of Monica, it could have continued to grow and could have damaged the internal organs of the baby.

The case of Monica is extremely serious, but luckily she had the help of Dr. Miguel Parra-Saavedra, an experienced doctor that is known in handling high-risk pregnancies.

Dr. Miguel Parra-Saavedra performed an emergency C-section operation at the mother so she can deliver the baby.

A day after the operation, the infant had to go through a C-Section on the baby when she was just one day old.

The operation on the baby was a success and the baby has no further complications.

The twin that was inside the belly of Itzmara had partially formed a head, limbs, and was around 2 inches in length.

Things could have gone worse if the doctor did not perform a C-section on the mother and the daughter.

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