Donald Trump Signs Law That Will Help Domestic Abuse Victims And Their Pet Animals

Every 20 minutes, domestic abuse is experienced by someone in the United States of America, and usually, the abuse is not reported which causes the situation to worsen.

Victims are helpless and abusers become more abusive and a recent study suggests that victims of abuse do not ask help immediately.

In order to stop domestic abuse, a bill was introduced in 2014 so survivors and their pets could be protected.

And after 4 years, President Donald Trump signed the Pet And Women Safety (PAWS) Act, which was signed with the hopes to stop domestic abuse.

Katherine Clark, the representative of Massachusetts, and Democratic Caucus Vice-Chair are the two people who co-sponsored the PAWS bill.

They said, “No one should have to make the choice between finding safety and staying in a violent situation to protect their pet”

They added, “This law empowers survivors with the resources to leave a dangerous situation while being able to continue to care for their pet. I’m grateful for the partnerships we’ve formed between organizations working to end both domestic violence and animal abuse. Together, we will help save lives.”

The Pet and Women Safety act mimics legislation in 33 states, the capital of the US, and Puerto Rico.

The act will serve as protection for domestic violence victims and their pets.

The act will also create a federal grant program that will help domestic violence program assist victims to find a shelter for their pets and themselves when they leave their abusers.

Shelters are going to provide onsite housing for animals, which includes kennels and facilities where victims can spend time with their pets in the shelter homes, but not all shelters are going to have these services.

Through the PAWS act, programs are going to be aimed at supporting the construction and operating expenses of new or existing pet shelters. It will also provide short-time support shelter and housing assistance for domestic violence victims and their pet animals.

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