Firefighters Rescue Ducklings That Fell Inside Storm Drain And Reunite Them With Scared Mother

As humans, it is our duty to make this world a safer and better place for one another and the animals that are living amongst us.

The world is a very complicated place, but as good human beings, we should come together to spread positivity instead of negativity. With this, we can achieve peace and love amongst each other despite the race, color, and religion that we have.

One of the best examples of this simple thing that we are talking about happened recently in Florida, USA.

A bunch of firefighters were called by Good Samaritans to the side of a road because a family was in need of their help.

It was later revealed that a family of ducklings had fallen into a storm drain and they were having a hard time coming out.

Firefighters with the Lehigh Acres Fire Rescue said that crews were called on the morning of Tuesday this week to the side of the Alwynne Drive in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

Good Samaritans told them that a family of ducklings had accidentally fallen inside a storm drain.

The department rushed to the scene and rescued the ducklings right away, making sure that they get to the place that they were supposed to be at in the first place.

The department shared images of the rescue.

The mother duck was reportedly watching the rescue operation from a distance and allowed everyone to do the good act.

A video was also shared with the public and it showed the moment the ducklings were scooped to safety in a large net.

The ducklings were later reunited with their mother.

Such an amazing story!

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