Frisky Couple Caught Violating Coronavirus Lockdown And Mating On A Beach

A couple in Britain were caught violating the stay at home orders and even had sex on a beach, which was captured on cam.

The picture shows a pair near the Brighton Center on the South Coast.

In the picture, you can see a man lying on top of the other with their trousers down and bum completely exposed.

The Brighton and Hove City Council saw the picture and released a statement about it, where they said:

“It’s an unfortunate picture and we would think the people involved will be highly embarrassed if their friends and families are able to recognise them. It certainly serves as a reminder to us all that you never know when someone is watching you.”

39-year-old Becki Chester and 40-year-old Craig Buckland were the ones who saw the pair having sex on the beach.

They were also the ones that took the picture.

Talking about the incident, Becki Chester said:

“We were minding our own business, keeping our distance when we spotted a couple making full use of their exercise hour. We hope they washed their hands afterwards.”

Things are so rough that people are doing everything on empty beaches.

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