Happy Navratri 2019 SMS, Wishes, Greetings, And Text Messages For Family, Friends, And Status On WhatsApp, Facebook, And IMO – Hindi And English Messages

Happy Navratri 2019 will be celebrated from September 29, 2019, until October 7, 2019. The best way to celebrate one of the biggest festivals in the Hindu Religion is by spending it with your family, friends, and loved ones. To start a good Navratri day, you should greet everyone with good morning messages, wishes, greetings, SMS, and text messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO.

Making the day of your loved ones is one of the best gifts you can give do them during the 9-day Navratri celebration of 2019.

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During the 9 day-long celebrations, people will spend their time feeding the less-fortunate, pray, dance, re-enact stories, and many more to honor Durga Devi the divine feminine. This celebration is celebrated mostly in the Hindu majority cities of India. It is considered as one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals of the Hindu religion.

Happy Navratri SMS, Wishes, Greetings, And Text Messages For Family, Friends, And Status On WhatsApp, Facebook, And IMO

Feast and have fun
The dandiya raas has begun
Maa is blessing us through
A very Happy Navratri to you

Goddess Durga Exists Eternally, Always Abiding In Her Own Sweet Nature And Inhabits The Hearts And Minds Of Her Perfect Devotees. Happy Navratri.

Its an auspicious day of Navratri
Make a wish and it shall come true
Do good deeds and forget the rest
Maa is constantly watching on you
Happy Navratri.

Joy, health and a lot of charm
Success, status and no harm
These are my special wishes for you
May each day of Navratri being something new
Happy Navratri.

May the brightness of Navratri
Fill your days with cheer
May all your dreams come true
During Navratri and all through the year
Happy Navratri

May this Navratri be as bright as ever
Its time to celebrate sing and dance
May Maa bless you in every way
May you get your perfect chance
Happy Navratri.

Nine nights of celebration and prayer
May Maa always keep you in her love and care
All your problems will fade away
If you worship her each Navratri Day

On this special day of Navratri
I want you to know I miss you today
May Maa bring us together again
Sending wishes and love your way
Happy Navratri

We are the fortunate people
Maa Durga has given us a chance
To worship her and be at peace
To celebrate, sing and dance
Happy Navratri

May the auspicious days of Vasant Navratri manifest energy (shakti), wealth (lakshmi), and knowledge (gyaan) into your life Happy Navratras!

May the Goddess of cosmic powers bless all with Her divine benediction Happy Navratra!

Chaitra Navratri marks the onset of the summer season let us celebrate Divine Mother representing ‘prakriti’ (nature) and welcome new beginnings and the New Year

माँ के नौ रूपों का पर्व हैं ये,

बिगड़े काम बनाने का पर्व हैं ये,

भक्ति का दिया दिल में जलाने का पर्व हैं ये,

माँ की आराधना का पर्व हैं ये

शुभ नवरात्री


माता तेरे चरणों में बीते ये जीवन सारा,

बस थोडा सा प्यार देना हमें,

एक बस यही आशीर्वाद देना हमें।

आप सब को नवरात्रि की शुभ कामनायें


सिंह पे होके सवार,

माँ दुर्गा करे दानवों का संहार,

खुशहाल हो जाए आप ओर आपका परिवार,

मुबारक हो आपको नवरात्रि का ये त्यौहार


माँ के कदम आपके घर में आयें,

आप ख़ुशी से नहायें,

परेशानियाँ आपसे आँखें चुरायें,

नवरात्रि की आपको ढेरों शुभ कामनाएं।

Happy Navratri 2019 HD Pictures, Ultra-HD Wallpapers, Images, Photos, And Photographs For Social Media Sharing 


Navratri 2019 SMS, Wishes, Greetings, And Text Messages For Family, Friends, And Status On WhatsApp, Facebook, And IMO

May Goddess Durga shower her Divine Blessings on you in this holy season of Navratri … and enlighten your life and home good luck and good health… Happy Navratri!

​May Maa Durga empower you with her 9 blessings of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, knowledge, devotion, and power. Happy Navratri!

​May the blessings of Maa Durga illuminate your life with happiness, prosperity, & good luck. Have a Glorious Navratri!

Navratri ke absar par hardik subhkamnayen.. May Maa Durga illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness and good fortune.

Pyar ka tarana uphaar ho, Khushiyon ka nazrana beshumar ho, Na rahe koi gham ka ehsaas, Aisa Navratra Utsav is saal ho. Subh Navratra

May this Navratri fill your life with the colours of happiness and prosperity. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Navratri 2019!

Be joyful and happy as lord Durga blesses us this Navratri. The festival will surely be filled with cheer and fun. A lovely day for everyone. Happy Navratri 2019!

May Navratri days bright your life with joy and prosperity. As this divine occasion spread happiness and blessings, may your life be covered with colors of success and love. Happy Navratri 2019!

My Wishes, May Mata Bless You and your Family, And Fill your Home With Happiness And Prosperity, Happy Navratri Season!

Fortunate is the one who has learned to Admire,but not to envy.Good Wishes for a joyous Navratri with plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

May MATA bless you on this special day of Navratri, and may on this festive season Dhan, Yash and Samriddhi come to your home… Happy Navratri!

May This Navratri be as bright as ever. May this Navratri bring joy, health and wealth to you. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear one’s lives.

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