How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner Using Bottle? Here is Video Which Teaches you!

For engineering or some other workers working on a desk with a computer, sometimes we’re agitated with dirt or small fragments of our work. They are scattered on the table to get even into the side lines of your computer keyboard or looks untidy for yourself on your desk. Not everyone can afford to buy a vacuum cleaner, so I have come up with a simple idea of making a mini vacuum cleaner or just simply want to downsize by yourself at your home with much ease. Now you need to make your own mini vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner can suck dirt off carpet because high-pressure air from outside it flows toward low-pressure air inside. In an electric vacuum, a fan causes the air inside the vacuum to move quickly, which lowers the air pressure, causing suction. The higher-pressure air from outside the vacuum is sucked in to replace the low-pressure air, bringing dirt and dust with it to be caught in the filter bag.

How to make a Vacuum Cleaner with a Bottle

In this home project, you can make a hand-made vacuum cleaner that alters the air pressure inside it and creates suction using a piston instead of a fan. Just follow the simple procedure to make your own and inexpensive vacuum cleaner. Head over the article, read the explanation and get to know how it works! You can take the help of an adult for cutting purpose. Take a look!

Things Required:

  • Water Bottle
  • Cutter
  • Razor blade, box cutter, or sharp scissors
  • Coke Tin, plaster
  • Scale, Thread, Paper, Tissue Paper, Marker
  • Hammer, Clay
  • Drilling Hole
  • Wire

How to Do?

Step 1: First of all, take a bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle off about 1/3 of the way up from the base. Now cut a slit down one side of the bottom third of the bottle. This will allow you to slide it inside the top part of the bottle so it can act as a piston.

Step 2: Take the coke tin, cut it at the bottom and take the metal cover out of it. Cut it in the shape of the bottle in a circular manner. Using a scale draw two diagonals across each other and make a hole at the intersection point.

Step 3: Cut the tin into 8 equal segments and tilt them slightly. Stick clay at the centre of the tin for which you can attach the wire.

Step 4: Make some holes to the bottle at the bottom using a drilling machine and place the wired tin in the bottle sending the wire outside the bottle. Paste a plaster on the walls on the bottle and fix the other end of the bottle to it.

Step 5: Take few pieces of thermocol and paste them to the bottle as a stand and handle to hold the vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: Remove the cap of the water bottle and attach a pipe to it. If you wish you can make it little colorful using colored papers and then attach both the halves of the bottle.

Step 7: Switch on the power and watch the magic. All the dust on your floor will be sucked into the bottle.

Watch the Video: How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner Using Bottle?

That’s it! Quite interesting, isn’t it? Just give it a try and make your house clean and tidy. Trust me, you’d definitely love it using your vacuum cleaner to clean your house.

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