{Extra} Jabardasth Comedy Show Promo Controversy: Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fans Got Angry

The Comedy reality show Jabardasth has been bringing up the laughter in homes of Andhra and Telangana for the past 3 years. For the first time the show has angered some people. The angered people being  Mr. Pawan Kalyan, president Janasena party angry on Extra Jabardasth, one of the comedy shows produced in a private television channel.

Pawan Kalyan fans gets angry

About Extra Jabardasth:

The “Extra Jabardasth” Katharnak Comedy Show is a extended version of Jabardasth comedy show, broadcast on ETV channel, in Telugu States, India. The show was first telecast on ETV on 10 October 2014, featuring popular Telugu film industry actor and producer Nagendra Babu and Telugu film actress and politician Roja.

Pawan Kalyan Fans gets Angry:

The channel released an upcoming promo of the coming episode, which caused a bit of stir in the Pawan fans. The Pawan Kalyan’s Jena Sena party launch was taken as the inspiration for this spoof. Pawan Kalyan was satire from the dress to the dialect. Very unceremonious responses are being given by the Pawan fans. Some are even warning the actor not to blow satires on “Pawanism”. Eventhough Shakalaka Shankar is a big fan for Pawan kalyan and he performed some skits taking power star as inspiration but this time it doesn’t work out well.

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{Extra} Jabardasth Comedy Show Promo Controversy: Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fans Got Angry

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