Man Who Ate Banana Worth $120,000 At Art Show Says He Is Not “Sorry”

Earlier this month, a banana that was duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000, and almost no one understood the artistic inspiration behind the piece.

But it looks like David Datuna did.

David Datuna, who is a performance and installation artist from Georgia, understood the piece of art and knew exactly what he had to do with the banana.

Datuna peeled off the art piece from the wall on Saturday and ate it as stunned onlookers watched him devour the art.

I mean, he did the right thing…

Talking about his act, Datuna said, “It wasn’t vandalism, it was art performance from me and absolutely I am not sorry.”

The banana was a part of an exhibit that was being set by Maurizio Cattelan, a renowned Italian artist, at the Art Basel Miami.

The piece was titled, Comedian.

Maurizio is also known for his $6 million 18-karat-gold toilet which got stolen from the Blenheim Palace this year.

Talking about the artist, Datuna called Maurizio as one of the top artists in the world.

Datuna also explained why he ate the banana that was exhibited at Art Basel.

Datuna said, “In this case, it’s not like I ate art.”

Datuna added, “Like the gallery said, it’s not a banana, it’s a concept. And I just ate the concept of the artist. So I think this is cool, this is fun, this is what art is about.”

Datuna is known for his dramatic performances, which includes the anti-Putin show in Red Square in Moscow.

Datuna is also the person who installed an SOS American Flag in front of the White House.

Datuna, who has lived in New York City for the last 22 years, called his latest performances as the “hungry artist.”

Datuna explained, “I call the performance, ‘Hungry Artist,’ because I was hungry and I just ate it.”

Datuna said he planned to eat the banana early in the morning and added that he was saving his appetite for his potassium filled meal.

Many people in the exhibit were angered when Datuna ate the banana.

When Datuna was asked if he was afraid of going to jail for his actions, he simply said “no.”

Before his performance, Datuna asked his friends to call his lawyers in case he gets arrested.

Datuna said the gallery took all his information and so did the police.

He added, “What’s going to happen in the next few days, I don’t know.”

I am still baffled by the fact that someone bought a banana for over $100,000.

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