Report: Facebook and WhatsApp Positioned as ‘Most Popular Apps’ in India

Technological advancements have been growing rapidly in the current tech generation. App usage on smartphones has been increasing in such as huge way that smartphone for a person is the most coveted electronic gadget. Smartphone usage has been increased due to the evolution of social networks and other instant messaging platforms. These days people are getting much addicted using social networking sites such as Facebook and instant messaging services like WhatsApp in a tremendous manner.

Report Says WhatsApp and Facebook - Most Popular App in India

A new study has been conducted by a reliable multiplatform, WhichApp reported that social networking giant ‘Facebook’ and mobile messaging service ‘WhatsApp’ have retained their positions as the ‘Most Popular Applications’ among Indians this year. WhichApp is a secure and most reliable mobile app that assists users to discover new applications that their friends use.

Facebook and WhatsApp are ‘Most Popular Apps’ in India

WhichApp, a mobile app messaging platform has conducted a study among Indians and found that Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular applications used by the Indians. Apart from these two applications, Truecaller and UC Browser also figure among the top-five most popular mobile applications among Indians. WhichApp reported that more than 20 thousand applications have been identified and downloaded via its platform which is also named MX Player, Flipkart, Candy Crush, Applock and as other popular apps used by a majority of Indians.

Kapil Chawla, the Co-Founder and CEO of WhichApp said, “Our future plans are to localise for vernacular languages for the non-English speaking audience and rollout in other countries as the app is only available in India right now.” He also added“The aim is to have 10 million users by December 2016.”

The popularity of the apps has been determined on the basis of the number of WhichApp users having and actively using the apps on their smartphones. WhichApp team has conducted the study among Indians by taking only those selective apps into consideration which have been used at least once a month. The report says that after the top positions of Facebook and mobile messaging service WhatsApp, UC Browser is the third most used app in India.

Facebook is an evergreen social networking site with billions of active users. Currently, WhatsApp has more than 900 million active users and is regarded as the globally popular messaging platform. WhichApp is a new messaging app which is more reliable and secure multiplatform. Currently, WhichApp has 100,000 users in the country.

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