Is Your Second Toe Taller Than Other Toes? Find What It Says About Your Personality

Ever thought about the shape of your foot? It seems very insignificant when you compare it to your other body parts, but the fact is that your foot and the shape of your toes reveal a great deal about your personality. It is being practiced extensively in many parts of the world that include both India and China.

People believe that a person’s foot acts as reflectors to the body and even the personality. Any issue in feet depicts the problem elsewhere.


For instance, if you find a fallen arch, then it is an indication that you are surely facing back problem. It is also believed that mind and body are inextricably connected. So, it is said that physical disorders can be a result of personality.

Let us have a look at what our celebrity foot reader has to say about your personality after properly studying your feet.

Jane Sheehan, The Celebrity Foot Reader, And Reflexologist:

According to Jane Sheehan, the foot of a person can say a lot of things. It is the foot that can depict the various aspects of the human body ranging from your problems of relationships to even your digestive system issues.

Jane Sheehan

She can properly decipher these in a jiffy by merely having a glance at your foot. She can even tell the nature of the person by just looking at the foot of the person. She can tell whether the person is adventurous or someone who loves harmony.

Big Toe:

Big Toe

Individuals who have toes longer than different fingers are brilliant, scholarly and imaginative. They have clear answers for the issues. Then again, if your toe is littler than you are multi-entrusting individual and you utilize your style to impact others.

Second Toe:


People who have second toes longer than the rest, tend to have leadership qualities, but also, sometimes a little too bossy. Smaller second toes personify order and harmony in life.

Third Toe:

Third or Middle Toe

If the middle toe is longer than others, you tend to be innovative and resourceful, especially at work. You strive for success with will power and energy. People with shorter toes, tend to enjoy living life to the fullest.

Fourth Toe:


Those people who have this toe elongated means they spend a huge lot of time with their families and friends. But if the toe is curved then it shows that the person is in an unhappy relationship. These persons are very good listeners. But if the toe is shorter than it depicts that these persons are under stress but it is not related to any family members.

Little Toe:

Little Toe

Individuals with little toe tend to act silly. They wind up far from obligations. These individuals are carefree and witty. Individuals who can jerk their toe independently from the fourth one are daring and rash in the meantime.

Toes Graduated In Size:

Toes graduated in size

If there is a neat and gradual increase in the size on your feet, you are practical and organized. You tend to be a good employee and loving friend.

Wide Feet:


People with wide feet keep themselves busy and love working. People who have narrow feet tend to be less work oriented, and love to be surrounded by beauty. This doesn’t mean they’re bad workers, yet, are more willing to delegates tasks to others.

Long Narrow Feet:

Long Narrow Feet

These people do not love to be bothered at all with hard work. If someone instead finishes their assigned work they get relieved. What is more, they often require beauty all around them and possess a good ornamental sense.


Arches or Curves

The general population with high curves are self-subordinate. They are some of the time blamed for being against social. On the opposite side, individuals with low curves are profoundly agreeable and cherish getting a charge out of the organization of others.

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