Moles On These 12 Areas On Your Body Indicate Wealth And Overseas Travel

Almost every born human has either markings or moles on his/her body that serves as a sign of unique identification. Ancient sages studied these moles on the body and came to a conclusion that these marks were associated with an individual’s personality and their future.


According to Hindu astrology, Moles are often labeled as ‘til’ in the Hindu astrology; the presence and positioning of moles, hold a significant importance. Did you know, these moles hold the secret to your success and failure?

The size, shape, depth and brightness of the mole also influence the readings and conclusions. Although these are just theories and assumptions, people often tend to get carried away with the same.

As per Vedic interpretations, today we are going to let you know about the special ole positioning around 12 areas on your body and what do they point towards your future, in terms of money and overseas traveling.

1. Right Cheek

A small, but sharp and dark mole indicates that the person would get extensively rich after marriage.

2. Above lips


Above lipsThose who are born with a mole just above their lips are tending to enjoy wealth much earlier than the rest of their peers. They are bit stubborn, and that is the reason why they run to success is fast and hurdle-less.

3. Nose

If the mole is right on the nose, or even slightly on sides (where cheek blends in), then it means that the person is surely going to be rich, but would just have to wait for his/her turn. The will travel the world, but it will start in their early 30’s and note before. They will taste success, wealth and travel (most probably after their marriage.)

4. Sole

People who have mole on their soles are tend to be big travelers, however, they travels might be restricted to domestic. You also have chances of travelling abroad (not for settling, but travel and vacation purposes.)

5. Waist

If you are lucky, then you might just have a mole on either side of the waist, indicating wealth and prosperity. However, it also indicates that you might remain unsatisfied for the major part of your life.

6. Third eye

If you have a mole, right in the centre of the Third Eye area, then it means you will have a well-settled life and would enjoy various traveling pursuits. You would always have more than enough wealth around you.

7. Right Palm

If you have a mole anywhere in your right palm, then it points toward a really wealthy and successful life. If the mole is on the upper half of the palm then you will taste wealth and success, very early in your life. And, if the mole is in the lower half of the palm, then it means you might have to work hard and struggle to get your due success and wealth, but you will get it for sure.

8. Chin

People born with a mole anywhere on their Chin, are lucky wealth-wise, but these people are not at all sociable. They can only socialize to survive, and prefer to stay alone or only with close family member and friends.

9. Navel

Presence of a mole right below the navel is a sign of Richie Rich. Even though, the person will earn acquire huge wealth, but his only choice of expenditure would be on great food.

10. Chest

Presence of mole on the right side of chest indicates that the person would have a peaceful life and would enjoy great wealth.

11. Ear

If a mole is present anywhere in the area where Ear and Cheeks meet, especially on the right side of the face, then it is a sign that the person is bound to get rich at a very early age.

12. Little Finger


The Presence of mole on either of the two little fingers (both right hand and left hand) is a sign that the person will travel overseas throughout their lives.

13. Which moles indicate great love life?

Some of you may have often observed that certain people are more sensuous than the others; why, you ask? Unfold the answers ahead…

14. Sensuality

According to Kamasutra, placements of moles on certain body parts are a sign that the individual has higher sensuality.

15. Mole on Venus girdle

The mole is placed right under the area of you thumb, on the area symbolizing Venus, which is representation of sensuousness. People who have moles here, are bound to have multiple sex- partners.

16. Mole above right eye

People who have a mole above the right eyelid, are believed to be great on bed. These individuals will never down-perform.

17. Mole on genital

As per Kamasutra, placement of mole anywhere around the genitals is a sign that the person will have a great sex life, but it also hints that the individual may easily lose their libido too.

18. Mole on inner thigh

People with mole on inner thigh are believed to be master of good love life. Their libido is unmatched.

19. Mole on chest

People often observed that mole on this part of their body appeared much later after adolescence; which is a sign that your early years may not be as good, but consider a great love life after a period of time.

20. Moles on face and their meanings

Take a look at what these other moles on your body indicate.

21. Mole on forehead

Very bad decision-making powers. The darker the shade, the graver the inability. A man who has a red mole in this position is likely to have volatile temper. A man with a light-colored mole will be indecisive and yet receive a great amount of affection from people.

22. Mole on nose

The mole will become a mountain of sufferings otherwise. A man with this mole will invariably detest his extended family, harbor ill-feelings and distrust for his spouse (especially if the mole is jet black), and he will most definitely owe money to a litany of women. The mole is called the lose wealth mole, it affects the finance scenario in either way – constricted inflow OR unregulated outflow of wealth

23. Moles on the edge of brows

Sports – that is what you should pursue because not only are you passionate about it, you have a natural flair for it as well. Otherwise, pursue a position of authority with zest. You are a born leader and manager. Life will by large be smooth for you.

24. Mole between cheek and nose

This mole basically is a signification of an enhanced susceptibility to various illnesses and more so if it is a dark wart. Women should opt for removing it and quickly because it also indicates marital upheavals, insensitivity towards the spouse, and an arrogance that will ruin all.

25. Mole on the head

The moles on the top (crown) of the head are visible only if the head is shaven. This person will excel in politics. If the mole is in red or green colour, then he will become minister. He can also be a president leading a society or business organization. He will have social status and success in every walk of life

26. Mole on the ears

A mole anywhere on the ear represents good earnings and luxurious life. Expenditure will be uncontrollable. There may be danger of drowning. A mole at the backside of the ear represents a person who follows customs. He will get his wife from a higher family. A mole on either ear tells that the person has a reckless disposition. If you have a mole on the tip or top of your ear this indicates a high intelligence or astute mind.

27. Mole on the tongue

A mole on the middle of the tongue indicates obstacles in the education. The native may not be able to talk fluently and there will be health problems. A mole on the tip (outer edge) of the tongue represents a person who can convince others with his speech. He is intelligent and diplomatic. He loves good food and his children will have good future.

28. Mole on the Neck


A mole in the frontal part of the neck, says you could have an unexpected good fortune. If the mole is present on either of the sides, you could have an unreasonable personality. However, if you have a mole at the back, you are someone who likes to lead an ordinary and simple life.

29. Mole on the Shoulder

The next body part is your shoulder, where you could have the mole on either the right or left, front or back. A mole on either side of the shoulder could indicate a sensible and practical person. You are also someone who is responsible, outspoken, social and makes friends quickly.

30. Moles on the Arms and Armpits

The arms include body parts such as sleeves, armpits, elbows, wrists and fingers. Moles on each of these parts have different interpretations, depending on their exact locations. However, in brief, moles on arm regions indicate that you are polite and calm. Moles on armpits mean facing struggles which are well rewarded, usually with wealth. You could also be a cautious person.

31. Mole on the Back

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Burger/Phanie/REX (1614322a) Model released - Moles on the back of a woman. Various

The back is a very common part of the body for moles, thus there are various interpretations for them. If you are someone who has a mole on the upper part of the back on either sides, you are a responsible person, can take good decisions, require change but you could lack elegance (for women). The moles on the lower parts of the back however, mean you are intelligent and creative in nature, a trustworthy person thus make lifelong friends very easily.

32. Mole on the Legs

A mole on the right calf represents success in all ventures. There will be benefits from ladies. The native may involve into politics. A mole on the left calf represents journeys due to job or business. There will be many friends. Mole on any part of either leg between the knee and ankle areas shows a careless and indolent nature; a person who possesses a mole in this area will most likely be selfish, lazy, and lacking sympathy towards others.

Moles On These 12 Areas On Your Body Indicate Wealth And Overseas Travel

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