Stray Dog Spotted Lying In Snow Protecting Her Pups From The Cold

A stray dog was seen lying in snow on the side of a road in northern Minnesota trying to protect her adorable little pups from the extreme cold.

A family was reportedly driving by when they saw the dog.

Upon closer inspection, the concerned family discovered that the dog was desperately trying to protect her 6 puppies from the freezing temperatures.

The stray dog was lying in around a foot of snow.

The family reportedly drove the dog along with her litter to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue where they received food and immediate care.

Upon their arrival at the rescue, the staff realized that the poor 3-week-old puppies were starving as their mother failed to produce enough milk because of the extremely cold weather of Minnesota.

The mother dog, who is now known as Snowbell, was kept in warmth, and after a couple of days, she started to produce milk again.

Snowbell has been spayed and is now up for adoption along with her 6 adorable puppies.

Humans or animals, a mother’s love will always be special.

Snowbell, you deserve a good owner that would take care of you and your adorable puppies.

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