Wealthy British Trophy Hunters Pose Alongside Dead Zebras They Killed For Sport In South Africa

Trophy hunters from Britain have been slaying vulnerable zebras in South Africa for fun and shared pictures of themselves sitting beside the dead animals on social media.

The British trophy hunters shared the sickening images on Facebook to show off their expensive hunting trips in South Africa.

Andy Denson, a trophy hunter, who is also a tour operator, posed with a zebra that he shot and killed, and shared the photograph on social media.

Dozens of sick images of hunters with dead zebras were seen on the gallery sections of safari websites.

Peter Livesey, a British Trophy Hunter, is featured on the Huntershill Safari Website.

On the website, he could be seen with a hunting rifle in one hand and his kill beside him.

He wrote on the website, “Never had so much fun with my pants on!!!”

On the official website of Huntershill Safari Website, the killing price of a zebra is not listed, but they do have a “tailor-made packages” option available.

Sit is reported that trophy hunters pay up to $9,500 USD for 10-day safari trips.

Zebras are listed in the “red list” of endangered species by the Union for Conservation of Nature 3-years-ago.

Their population reduced 24 percent in the last 14 years.

The global population of zebras was around 150,000 to 250,000 in 2016, but now, it is believed that there are only 34,979 left.

Even after the decreasing numbers, the government of South Africa has not made it illegal to hunt the animals.

The government is only trying to ban the import of the endangered body parts to the United Kingdom.

This move will have a huge effect on the import of exotic rugs and furs.

Zac Goldsmith, the minister for animal welfare, wants to ban imports of such trophies to the United Kingdom.

When Zac was interviewed by the Sunday People, he said, “I look at the photos and it turns my stomach.”

It is reported that wealthy British Trophy Hunters pay around $5000 USD for 7 days of a hunting trip in South Africa, and pay an additional $620 USD to their bill for a zebra.

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