List of World Famous Institutions, Colleges and Their Founders

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You know there are many organizations and institutions in the world are the most famous. There are two types of institutions are non-profit organizations and the other will be profit oriented organizations. These both organizations help for the well being of society directly or indirectly.

List of World Famous Institutions And Their Founders

Not only the people interested in knowing about the World Famous Institutions and their Founders, but special for the people preparing for the competitive exams need to know about this famous institutions in the world. This important because in every year we observe some questions related to the organizations and institutions. so be prepare dto answer those questions so that these marks may help you to get the job your work hard for. Every single mark is important for competitive geek to grab the opportunity.

Here we are providing the list of famous oranizations in the world and their founder names. We suggest the candidate seriously preparing for the exams to read the list once and save it for reading further. There are high chances of getting a question from this part in any kind of competitive exams in the country. Better don’t let that one question go that may change your life.

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Indian Institutions And Their Founders:

Jainism                                                ::          Vardhamana Mahavira

Brahma Samaj                                    ::          Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Suddhi Movement                              ::          Swami Shradhanand

Bhoodan Movement                          ::          Vinoba Bhave

Sarvodaya Movement                        ::          Jaya Prakash Narayan

Ramakrishna Mission                      ::          Swami Vivekananda

Bahaism                                                ::          Mirza Hussain Ali

Confucianism                                      ::          Confucius

Arya Samaj                                           ::          Dayananda Saraswathi

Taoism                                                   ::          Lao tse

Zorastrianism (Parsis)                      ::          Zoraster

Peoples Education Society                 ::          Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Vana Mahothsav                                 ::          K.M. Munshi

Sikhism                                                   ::          Guru Nanak

Servants of India Society                    ::          Gopalakrishna Gokhale

Indian Association                              ::          Surendranath Banerji

Chinmaya Mission                              ::          Swami Chinmayananda

Theosophical Society of India          ::          Annie Besant

Dev Samaj                                              ::          Siva Narayan Agnihothri

Prarthana Samaj                                  ::          Kesab Chandra Sen

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World Institutions And Their Founders

United Nations                                   ::         Joseph Stalin(USSR),Winston Churchill (UK) and USA

Franklin  Delano Roosevelt

Boy Scouts                                            ::          Baden Powell

Montessori System                            ::          Maria  Montessori

Red Cross                                             ::          Jean-Henri Dunant

Amnesty International                     ::          Peter Berenson

Y.M.C.A.                                               ::          Sir George Williams

Lion’s Club                                           ::          Melvin John

Red Cross                                              ::          Jean-Henri Dunant

Nursing System                                   ::          Florence Nightingale

Protestant Religion                            ::          Martin Luther

Fascism                                                 ::          Benito Mussolini

Kindergarten                                       ::          Froebel

Nazism                                                  ::          Adolf Hitler

Cubism                                                   ::          Pablo Picasso

Salvation Army                                    ::          William Booth

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